Transform Your Look with PROADS Professional's Diverse Hair Color Range

Transform Your Look with PROADS Professional's Diverse Hair Color Range

Innovative Color Selection: PROADS Professional introduces 14 distinct color families with 99 shades, featuring cutting-edge PROBIOSHINETECH activated with CLC for vibrant, long-lasting color.

Attractive Color Family Names: Explore captivating color families such as True Naturals, Brunette Browns, Santorini Sands, Bumblebee Gold, Aristocratic Ash, Brisk Beige, Beaming Blues, Raving Reds, Vivacious Violets, Gray Gradients, Glaring Greens, Pastel Pinks, Copper Concoctions, and Heavenly Hazels.

Accentuating Indian Skin Tones:

True Naturals: Enhance warm undertones with rich browns and golden hues, complementing fair to medium Indian skin tones for a natural and sun-kissed look.

Brunette Browns: Add depth and dimension to olive and tan skin tones with rich chocolate browns and caramel highlights, exuding sophistication and warmth.

Santorini Sands: Illuminate fair to medium skin tones with soft, sun-kissed blondes and sandy hues, creating a radiant and beachy vibe.

Bumblebee Gold: Infuse golden tones to warm up deeper skin tones, offering a luminous and youthful appearance with hints of honey and amber.

Aristocratic Ash: Balance cool undertones with ashy shades of blonde and brown, providing a chic and edgy look for fair to medium skin tones.

Brisk Beige: Neutralize redness and add warmth to light to medium skin tones with creamy beige and honey tones, achieving a soft and elegant aesthetic.

Beaming Blues: Make a bold statement with vibrant blues that complement all skin tones, adding drama and flair to any look.

Raving Reds: Amp up the intensity with striking reds that flatter a range of Indian skin tones, exuding confidence and allure.

Vivacious Violets: Embrace bold purples to complement deeper skin tones, creating a striking and unconventional style statement.

Gray Gradients: Embrace the trend with sophisticated gray hues that add a modern twist to all skin tones, creating an effortlessly chic and edgy vibe.

Glaring Greens: Make a statement with bold green shades that add a pop of color to all skin tones, exuding creativity and individuality.

Pastel Pinks: Soften and brighten fair to medium skin tones with delicate pastel pink hues, creating a feminine and romantic look.

Copper Concoctions: Warm up medium to deep skin tones with rich copper tones, adding depth and dimension for a bold and glamorous appearance.

Heavenly Hazels: Enhance warm undertones with golden hazel shades that complement fair to medium skin tones, creating a soft and natural look with a touch of sophistication.


Elevate your hair color game with PROADS Professional's innovative range, tailored to accentuate Indian skin tones for bold, beautiful, and chic looks that reflect your unique style and personality.