PROADS Straightening Cream

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 PROADS Hair Straightener Cream is designed for resistant, frizzy, and curly hair to make it silky-smooth, lustrous, straight, and manageable. This cream is an advanced treatment for all types of coil and curly hair types. It works wonders on rough, wavy and extremely frizzy hair to achieve a natural permanent straight look. It rebounds the hair to make it smooth, shiny and straight. Also, it creates a bridge between the hair bonds to support the newly rebounded hair.



 Step 1: Shampoo your hair, rinse off and towel blot (100%DRY). Divide hairs into 4 sections.
Step 2: Apply Straightening Cream section by section using a tint brush keeping 1/2-inch gap off the scalp. Simultaneously comb your hair.
Step 3: Wrap your hair in a plastic wrap and leave it on 20-35min. (30 min sensitize hair, 45 min Virgin hair).
Step 4: Rinse off with water. Towel blot hair and gently comb to remove tangles.
Step 5: First Blow-dry hair and then flat iron each section 4-5 times. Stop when hair feels silky and no longer coated. (Iron temperature for sensitize hair 170c to 200c, Virgin hair 200c to 230c).



1. Curly or Wavy Hair
2. Frizzy or Unmanageable Hair
3. Desire for Straightened Hair
4. Chemically Treated or Damaged Hair
5. Seeking a Straightened Look without Heat


 Hydrolyzed Keratin, Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil, Organic Macadamia Oil



1. Totally Straight & Sleek Hair..                         
2. Give Healthy, Shiny & Lustrous Appearance..                                             
3. Prevent formation of Split Ends..             
4. It instantly softens the hair without causing any damage.                               
5. It gives you long - lasting straight, smooth & manageable hair.     
6. Sophisticated Trans-dermal PSA Technology.                                                         
7. It smooths the hair fiber to make blow-dry easier and coats the hair with a protective layer.



1. Straightened Hair
2. Frizz Control
3. Manageability
4. Alternative to Heat Styling
5. Longer-Lasting Results
6. Neutralizing
7. Reduced Styling Time